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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Singles by Feeder

So, a career spanning best of from a hugely successful, multi-platinum, 10 year old band. What took you so long Mr Record Company? As you'd expect, this has all the hits. and it has three
new tracks too. Recent single ‘Lost & Found’, despite the electro aspirations of the first few seconds, is another downpour of thunderous guitars and power drums, with Grant Nicholas’ voice still pitched somewhere between Dave Grohl and A's Jason Perry. This isn't for die hard fans (they'll have it all)  it's for those curious observers and people who think that Feeder are worth ‘investigating’. Put your money away fools, they've built a whole career around just two songs, the rocky and the ballad. You could always buy the deluxe edition with 25 videos on, but if you do, you can't be in our gang.

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