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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Silver And Fire by M. Craft

Album Reviews - Silver And Fire by M. Craft

Australians in London, eh? Cramming into Walkabouts, drinking enormous amounts of shit lager, bellowing along to 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down. Sport'... and then, if young Martin Craft is anything to go by. returning to a bedroom to write dreamy guitar pop that reconciles a number of bad taste hallmarks uber slick '80s production, bossanova rhythms  with a world weariness of Radiohead proportions, it’s not without its bland lkea pop moments, but the oddly serene 'I've Got Nobody Waiting For Me' employs picked banjo without resorting to rustic cliche, while ‘Love Knows How To Fight' builds robust emotional fortitude out of gorgeous, ethereal layers of sound.

Track Listings

01. Silver And Fire
02. Emily Snow
03. You Are The Music
04. I Got Nobody Waiting For Me
05. Love Knows How To Fight
06. Lucile (Where Did The Love Go?)
07. Dragonfly
08. Snowbird
09. Sweets
10. The Soldier
11. Teardrop Tattoo

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