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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rather Ripped by Sonic Youth

Album Reviews - Rather Ripped by Sonic Youth

Despite being as enduringly reliable as a broken metatarsal crisis before an international football tournament, it’s, unfortunately, difficult to get too excited about a Sonic Youth record anymore. Such is the overwhelming goodwill towards the US indie guitar legends, nearly every record they release is cited by many believers as being ’arguably their best yet’. No such extravagant claims here, though with the recent departure of Jim O’Rourke, the band seem to have thankfully rediscovered the ear for a tune, which all but deserted them after their brief early-’90s mainstream flirtation. So it’s a joy to hear the sweetly pretty, Kim Gordon-sung ‘The Neutral' and hubby Thurston Moore's tuneful treatise about suicide bombers, ’Incinerate', it is indeed a really good record - but not a patch on their 1988 masterpiece ’Daydream Nation’. No arguments.

Track Listings

01. Reena
02. Incinerate
03. Do You Believe in Rapture?
04. Sleepin' Around
05. What a Waste
06. Jams Run Free
07. Rats
08. Turquoise Boy
09. Lights Out
10. The Neutral
11. Pink Steam
12. Or

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