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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Popaganda by Head Automatica

What happens to emo boys when they nudge 30 and have to hang up their big shorts? In the case of Daryl Palumbo, one time primal screamer with Glassjaw, life beyond ‘downtuned’ has involved loading up on the British, '80s new wave music of his youth like Costello and Squeeze. Relocating his mojo to that of a surly teenager wishing he was a cool British rakish type allows him to still be a bit emo, just with gigantic elasticated choruses like ‘Lying Through Your Teeth' and 'Graduation Day': the sugar coated first single that features Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance on backing vox. All of which rather fabulously adds up to the fantasy soundtrack to any rite of passage teen movie you could possibly name.

Track Listings

01. Graduation Day
02. Laughing At You
03. Lying Through Your Teeth
04. Nowhere Fast
05. Scandalous
06. Curious
07. God
08. Shot In The Back [The Platypus]
09. Million Dollar Decision
10. She's Not It
11. Egyptian Musk
12. Cannibal Girl
13. K Horse
14. Beating Heart Baby [Chris Lord-Alge Mix]

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