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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hit The Floor! by You Say Party! We Say Die!

Album Reviews - Hit The Floor! by You Say Party! We Say Die!

Is it possible to use more exclamation marks?! No! Move over,!!!. Out of our way, Panic! At The Disco, Vancouver’s YSP!WSD! are the latest band to exhibit an excitable! Overuse! Of punctuation! Which would be insufferably irritating, if this firecracker exuberance didn't somehow make it onto the record. But ’Cold Hands! Hot Bodies!' is Blondie's ‘Atomic’ as played by The Addams Family. Becky Ninkovic’s shrill banshee wail undercut with gothic keyboard, while 'The Gap (Between The Rich And The Poor)’ revolution disco for minimum-wage slaves recalls a Yeah Yeah Yeahs with more grit under their fingernails.

Track Listings

01. Overture
02. Cold Hands! Hot Bodies!
03. Stockholm Syndrome Part One
04. Stockholm Syndrome Part Two
05. You Did It!
06. The Gap (Between The Rich And The Poor)
07. Midnight Snack
08. Love In The New Millenium (Your Pants My Couch)
09. Jazz Crabs
10. Rise
11. He!She!You!Me!They!We!Us!OK
12. Don't Wait Up

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