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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Forest & The Sea by Leafcutter John

Album Reviews - Forest & The Sea by Leafcutter John

The fourth album from Leafcutter John, aka John Burton, is based on a ‘true story' of what became of two people lost in a forest, and is made up of field recordings from Greece, Sweden and the UK. But before you run to the hills, this actually works. Like Four Tet's Kieran Hebden playing in Circulus’ garden, it actually comes across as less pretentious than the former’s recent work and less comic than the latter’s. The blend of electronica and organic real-life sounds works best on 'Maria In The Forest’, and sits alongside more straight-up acoustic guitar numbers. For all his geography trips and squatting by rivers with microphones though, it's his haunting voice that has the most magnificent impact, on the likes of Dream III’ and beautiful harmonised closer 'Now'.

Track Listings

01. Let It Begin
02. Maria In The Forest
03. Dream I
04. Dream II
05. Dream III
06. In The Morning
07. Go Back
08. Seba
09. Now

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