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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yes Virginia by The Dresden Dolls

When you're the finest neo burlesque twosome in the business, and your thrillingly refreshing debut has failed to make the impact it deserved, what do you do next? Curl up your hoopy stoddnged toes and bed dwm in obscurity? Not bloody likely. You fight back with a bigger, braver and. er, brillianter album. Meet ‘Yes. Virginia...', the bastard lovechild of Tori Amos and an Eastem European touring circus. Armed with nothing but keys, skins and insane genius, white faced siren Amanda Palmer and virtuoso drummer Brian Viglione have fashioned an album of sensationally off kilter tracks. From the twisted showtune ‘Mandy Goes To Med School’to the chaos of‘Modern Moonlight’, it's quite a ride. Burlesque? Can you dig it?

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