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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nightmare Of You by Nightmare of You

Knowing the past credentials of Long Island's Nightmare Of You (singer Brandon Reilly last rasped with punk rawk outfit The Movielife, drummer Sammy Siegler played drums in hardcore gods Glassjaw) it's bordering on the incredulous to hear the debut work of their new outfit. Like a pack of Dobermanns breaking into a ballet routine, or a battalion of ogres sharing tea and scones. it's something of a shock something thrillingly unlikely - to learn that the paring of their talents sounds not unlike Blur, Suede, even, in places, Shed Seven at their patchy, gonzo, guilty pleasure best. Consider ‘I Want To Be Buried In Your Backyard ’, or opener ‘The Days Go By Oh So Slow’, these are melodic, masterful songs with the jingle jangle spirit of mid '90s Britain infused at their very heart. Punk rockers do Britpop? Bloody rubbish tattoos, bloody marvellous songs.

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