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Sunday, September 21, 2014

New English Ep by Ambulance LTD

Bands usually have the decency to wait until they've been going a fair while before in´Čéicting the B-sides/ live tracks collection (as in, not good enough for the proper album) on the world. This mini album from the transatlantic four piece strives to buck trends and rewrite rules by cashing in after only one album. So we get seven meandering tracks of mellow guitar pop that are dreamy and elegant. Like gossamer freefalling on to artful statues, with a similar musical impact. Plus, Ambulace Ltd's cover of Pink Floyd's ‘Fearless’ transfomis it into a dinner party strumalong which is practically sacrilegious. Nice and all that, but who wants to hear ‘the rest’ of their repertoire when we've not even heard ‘the best’ yet?

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