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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jacket Full Of Danger by Adam Green

A few years ago, Strokes pal Adam Green was in godawful New York lo-fi duo The Moldy Peaches. He dressed as an elf and sang charmless songs about turds. Three solo albums down the line, he's ditched the turds
and the elves and turned into a lounge lizard part old school Neil Diamond gloss, part the louche sleaze of veteran Lee Hazlewood. He'd be rakish if he wasn't so wasted. “How many drugs does it take to find something to do?", he clangs in the Vegas/Nashville mash up opener ‘Pay The Toll’. Stoned boredom is a theme that nuns through the album, which is hardly original. Yet it's driven by a brilliantly vulgar wit. cabaret strings that stay just the right side of kitsch and lyrics that in lesser hands would become boring and clunky. A twisted, mucky treat.

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