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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Grab That Gun by The Organ

Nailing their colours (black, mostly) firmly to the mast, Vancouver miserablists The Organ have set sail aboard the Good Ship New Wave as it navigates the perilous ocean of 21st Century Indie. Sotnding remarkably like Interpol with PMT (a thought by no means as terrifying as it sounds), the all girl quintet deliver at mid pace and mid range, so you can dance convincingly without messing up your razor sharp hairdo. Ideal! Awash with spooky Hammond organ rolling under mournful tales of death and broken hearts, ‘Grab That Gun’ is no Prozac,but factoring in bursts of Blondie esque enthusiasm such as ‘Memorize The City’ and ‘Sinking Hearts‘, shiver me timbers if we don't have on our hands a vessel that's riding the crest of a (new) wave.

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