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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Garden Ruin by Calexico

So, a new Calexico album's on the way. That’ll be another slimming portion of gloomy lo-fi with a side order of trippy instrumentals, then. But hang on, what's this? A whopping, tune enriched hunk of musical meat with special South Western sauce? Blimey, order us a double helping.
There's always something heartwarming about a band discovering pop well into their career, especially when it sounds as good as this. A clear step forward from 2003's ‘Feast Of Wire’, the Arizonan outfit's fifth effort, ‘Garden Ruin’, boasts some cracking tracks in 'Bisbee Blue’ and ‘Deep Down’, as well as some healthy Bush baiting on ‘All Systems Red’. Indulge yourself - you  won't regret it.

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