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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dig Your Own Grave EP by Test Icicles

As Test lcicles reach their inevitable messy conclusion, Dev's new project ‘Naked Babes’ (with Tom Vek and two Semiļ¬nalists) shows his urge to create. He, like the other two, er, testes, might have ‘hated’ performing and the scene, but they couldn't bottle up the talent as this career ending compilation proves. There's plenty of questionable tracks (since when did adding B-movie sound effects to an unchanged song constitute a ‘remiX'?), including some early demos that offer the raw energy of the band but remain pretty unlistenable. However, the Chromehoof mix of ‘Circle Square Triangle‘ is sublime and unreleased track ‘Stuck In The Bend’ makes their premature demise more depressing. A “for collectors only” release, then, that lays bare the drawing board of the most creative and self destructive band we've seen in years.

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