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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Alternately Deep by Roots Manuva

Another year, another Roots Manuva album, and this time, the bugger isn't even trying. with the exquisite introspection of 2005's ‘Awfully Deep’ still being pored over by virtually every would be Brit hopper in the hope that they might ingest the tiniest morsel of its magic, Rodney Smith has decided to completely empty out his musical drip tray by collecting together all of his outtakes, remixes and rarities from the ‘Awfully Deep’ sessions and put them into this stylistically varied, yet surprisingly cohesive sister album. The result is so infuriatingly good that when he is approached on the street, Manuva now runs a serious risk of being asked for his autograph and getting lamped by the same person. That much talent is awfully unfair on other prentenders to the UK hip hop throne.

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